Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Brooke Fraser Therapy

Brooke Fraser - Therapy

Brooke Fraser is an artist who has done some of my songs. Mostly from her album what to do with daylight.

I left a couple of messages on her instagram calling her a murderer through hate trying to get these songs exposed. I live in absolute poverty starving a lot of the time.

Brooke Fraser.
I was really just trying to get some money. It's all about the money.

I need somewhere to live. I need to support my smoking and marijuana habits. I need food.

I'd be happy with $600 a week and owning my own house.

I think i've earned it.

O yeah I started smoking again. I did 5 years and 4 months without a single puff. Then I had one. It's so much harder to give up this time. I had the mindset before to give up where I don't this time.

Anyway that's bad news about the smoking. I can't afford it but still manage it somehow.

I'll give up again one day.

Brooke Fraser - Sound of Silence.

Discovered this somehow after listening to Therapy. Not a bad cover. Brings to memory disturbeds cover for some reason. Also sound of cylons.

Darcy Lee

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