Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Radiohead Just You Do It To Yourself

Radiohead - Just (You Do It To Yourself)

Adding this to Music 3 because I didn't listen to it but I started singing it and looked it up. I don't really like Radiohead very much for some reason.

I remember watching the song Everybody Hurts by this band when it first came out on New Zealand TV. Back then before internet there wasn't much ways to get new music and TV played a huge part in introducing new music to me. And actually now my Alzheimers shows through. It was R.E.M that sings Everybody Hurts.

A song I do have memories of of Radiohead is Creep that I recognised when I looked up Radiohead. This is the very first song I know myself of listening to Radiohead. I must say it's a bit of a downer song now. It was on some mix compilation. It was quite good at the time.

I decided to embed Creep. It's below. It's an old song from my youth. I would've been like 15 listening to this. Check it out only if your super bored and recognize it yourself. But other than that this is Music 3.

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