Friday, September 11, 2015

Papa Roach Last Resort

Papa Roach - Last Resort

Used to enjoy this back in the day. Listened to it a few time recently so it deserves a mention. I could almost class this song as one of mine if it wasn't dated earlier than 2001. I either copied it or it copied me anyway. Probably the first one in this case. Thing is I did ask for them to date some of the songs as coming out earlier than 2001 and i'm pretty sure they have. Butterfly from Crazytown is one of them but I could be wrong about that also, like I said, I did ask for them to backdate some of the songs theyer were to create. Can never be sure.
Papa Roach.

No one will ever know every song I feature in but some are more obviously not mine than others and I have just copied their lyrics. Like The Whos Behind Blue Eyes.

But some have me fooled even.

I couldn't even tell you.

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