Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles.

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles.

Adding this because it's always been a great song and again I searched in Google and i'm pretty sure that I haven't added "A Thousand Miles" song yet to this blog. I listened to this song after discovering the song below.

Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day.

Like this song but haven't listened to it much. Probably will move on pretty quickly. The song above, A Thousand Miles was awesome back in the day. I actually thought it was one of my songs as I spoke some of the lyrics over the radio in my phone calls after 9/11. I guess I was just copying it and I had heard it previously. It is possible that it is one of mine because I asked for the release dates of the songs to be messed up a little and some of them were to be set datewise before 9/11 happened even though they came out afterwards.
Vanessa Carlton

I did copy at least two songs that I know of in my phone calls. So if I copied 2 songs then I could've copied this one. One day I will do a list of every song.

The two songs I copied that I know of are "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who and "Deliver Me" by Sara Brightman.

I just listened to Deliver Me right now and i'm going to add it to Music 2. I have heard a New Zealand bands version that I am familiar with, Sara version is kinda different.

So in summary adding these two songs to Music 2 because I briefly touched on them and this lead to adding Deliver Me in a separate post also.

I really can't call "A Thousand Miles" and whether it's one of mine or not. Only when the truth comes out will we find out.

Darcy Lee

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