Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'd Love To Change The World Ten Years After

I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After

Made a forum post which I will include below and somebody posted this song in the thread. Adding it to Music 2 although it does have potential to reach Music category.

Dum de do. Here is the forum thread for you:

Thread is called : Altering or Changing The World.

A person is born.

They do something in the world that is part of them. People can react to it.

From here what do you think can be achieved. From here I mean this forum.

Can a post motivate and inspire people enough to make alterations to the world which better it in some small way.

What really needs to be said?

What is truth? What is Love? Just how important are these.

How do you make change happen.

Is there anything us sheep to the slaughter can do to keep living.

So from this post what can I achieve.

How much power do I have. You give me power when you post but you don't lose power perhaps.

This is my spirit or breath or lifeforce that is speaking to you.

Truth can set you free. But not without love.

Perhaps nobody knows the truth.

But lets build a light in the darkness. A structure built on solid rock foundations.

Choose what is more correct.

Choose the higher.

Perhaps i'll get 40-100 hits on this post and maybe one or two replies if that. What can we do together from here.

Everyday someone is posting. The world is growing larger.

Basically what is some of your substance - post some of your words here.

I'm looking to alter of change the world from this first post. But I need your help.

Think of it as dominoes. I am this post, the first one dropping. You are the rest of the dominoes that fall into place.

I guess it's to much to ask that the world can be changed for the positive from here this forum.

I haven't added anything new with this post.

It's upto you now.

That was the end of that thread on www.godlikeproductions.com from me. You can find the thread HERE.

This is also the end of this post.

Darcy Lee

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