Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pink Times Three Songs.

Pink - Trouble

Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me

Photo of Pink.
These top two songs above i'm pretty sure are part of my September 11th 2001 phone calls. The chorus anyway. I spoke the words "Don't Let Me Get Me" and also I spoke "In Trouble Now" instead of "I'm Trouble Now" both in exactly the same fashion as they appear in their respective songs in the chorus. So yeah both these songs I claim the chorus.

They were both released after 2001 and songs were made out of things I spoke in further calls I made to the talkback radio station after my initial phone call and then the planes hitting the buildings just like I asked songs to be made.

Now this third song below I heard the "waiting for love" part at the end of the "Trouble" song above. I first looked in Google for "Waiting for love" but couldn't find the song, it was then I searched for Pink as well and it happened to also be a pink song so found it. Only listened to it twice but I think there's enough there to win a posting. I'm adding these to Music because there's 3 songs in one post and because they are my songs I will probably want to come back to them. This bottom song isn't one of mine it's a pink original just in case you wondered. One day I will make one label with every single song that I claim is mine as there are enough and quite a few. Enjoy these songs.

Pink - Waiting For Love.

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