Saturday, March 28, 2015

Esther Melody Band, Meet me at the water

The Esther Melody Band.
Esther Melody Band - Meet me at the water.

Adding this to Music 2. Took a little while to find in Google after hearing this on christian radio station Rhema. It only has 20k hits and it's been on YouTube a while. I like the chorus.

This song did start to get on my nerves a little after many repeat plays. A good song should have unlimited plays and you should be able to come back to it many times. I've been finding some of the songs I used to like and have added sound annoying now. There are some that I can keep playing though. I really enjoyed coming back to "This is how we do" by Katy Perry again.

I can't have loud music in my current flat. I need a slightly countryish house but still with 100/100 fiber connection so I can play loud music through a 15" subwoofer stereo which I will also be able to afford. Dreams are free. Oneday i'll collect money for my phone call and these dreams will be possible. Until then i'm being tortured.

Darcy Lee

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