Friday, February 20, 2015

Martin Garrix - Animals and Top Youtube Earners.

Martin Garrix - Animals.

Found this by looking at the top ten Youtube earning channels  of 2014. This song has about 490 Million views and the channel that it's on earnt about $2,516,189.52 earnings for 2014 with about 200,102,550 views a month over all it's videos on the channel.

The top earner was Disney Collector with Monthly Views: 379,932,270; Estimated Annual Earning: $4,860,207.60 which is a channel of a girl looking through her eyes view of her opening toys. I watched some of the video and it was pretty cool. Nice and decorative.

With these figures it looks like you earn about 150k US dollars for 100million views or about $1500 dollars for 1 million views. I actually thought it was around $5000 thousand dollars for one million views but I guess not.

My YouTube Channel can be found at but unless I can get my phone call where I yelled war 2 days before World Trade Center attacks then i'm not going to get many views. As i just checked that address I came across that I was eligible for a custom URL. I got the custom URL: PIRATEVOICE. So you can also find my channel at and you can find my Google+ page by going here

Here is the toy video the from the top earning channel of 2014:

Darcy Lee

I got my info HERE.

Darcy Lee.

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