Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You Tube Repeat Button.

A You Tube repeat button. They exist. I can tell you that. I unfortunately can't find the link for the one that i'm using. It was a google chrome App. It plugged straight in. Now I have a loop button just under the subscribe button. It looks natural.

With this loop button I can crop the beginning or ending of video and loop it infinite times or a set amount. So you can crop the beginning where they might be setting up and also crop the ending where they might have some random credits. It's very cool. Exactly what I needed.

So search in Google for You Tube Repeat Button. Check those out one of the results should meet your needs. Sorry I couldn't link the one i'm using I just wanted to write that a You Tube Repeat button exists and works. Good luck hunting one.

Darcy Lee

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