Saturday, January 24, 2015

Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks

Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks.

Adding this song for the line "The Bass and Tweeters Make The Speakers Go To War." Don't have much interest in being a freak though.

Friend introduced me to this song Mr Byronian. It's ok this song. It gets a spot for taking music and speakers to WAR.

I'm in the same style. Waring through music. What have I accomplished really though. There's wars going on all over the planet. When the truth comes out about me and the great multitude of songs I cameo in will this have any impact on the poorest in the world. Knowledge of the truth should create a great fire. It is knowledge that is needed. But not only knowledge. Also truth. Truth spoken in Love.

I speak the truth silently. Nobody hears me. I am not great enough. I want to have an impact on the hungry. I after having suffered want to impact suffering and alleviate it. I think these are important areas to target. But I'm not smart. I need guidance. What are your ways? I'm keen to hear.

Religion is failing in medicine. It hasn't produced any medicine that works yet. This goes for Christianity as well. Your basically told to pray. Money can make a difference to people. I think we fail to understand suffering. Inflicting it on others shows immaturity. We need to grow more. Knowledge of suffering will soon enter our minds. Suffering needs to be overcome in my opinion and I believe this is the truth. Those who suffer are brave. Money can alleviate suffering.

I have pretty much given up most of my power. I have no power to bring about the truth. I never really had any power. Perhaps oneday I will have power and money and influence to make positive change. Until then the internet is all I have. I have rambled enough.

Darcy Lee

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