Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knocking On Heavens Door. Guns and Roses.

Guns and Roses - Knock Knock Knocking on Heavens Door.

Adding this to Music 2 as this was a favorite back when use your illusion 1 and 2 came out.  I would've been like 14 or 15 listening to this so 20 years ago.  It was cool.

Doesn't so much appeal these days though.  Only listened to this version once probably won't listen to it again.  12 minutes long.

Also this Post is this years 100th Post Yay.  This is a record amount of posts in one year for this blog and the year isn't over yet.  The reasons for more posts are I have been posting more of what I stumble across everyday.  Have also been posting more music videos this year and also forum posts that i've made.  That I guess is why I have a record amount of posts for the year.  The record for a month is 31 posts in August of this year.

Darcy Lee

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