Sunday, August 24, 2014

Slice of Heaven Dave Dobbyn.

Slice of Heaven - Dave Dobbyn.

A Young Dave Dobbyn.
Thought i'd add this and I hope I haven't added it but I did search to if it's on this site already.  I like the Part BOom Da Da Da Boom Da Da Da.  This is kind of a WAR Anthem for me whereby i'm the Da in Boom Da Da Da.  Cool a song written about me.  Lol.  I mean I know this ones not but it's fun to pretend.

Thing is there are songs which include my lyrics or words that I spoke in original arrangement.  Oneday i'll try and list them all and post there videos.  All the ones I can remember anyway.  I won't be able to get every song, there are quite a few.  Slice of Heaven is from 1986/87.  Dave is awesome.  Dave does actually do one of my songs.  The Welcome Home one of his that chorus is me, I just remembered this.

I got the Finn Brothers and Dave Dobbyn songs that my words cameo in pretty amazing.  New Zealand artists awesome.  So yep oneday i'll create a list of all the songs I cameo in.  ROCK OF AGES.

Darcy Lee

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