Friday, August 8, 2014

DC Talk. What If I Stumble.

DC Talk - What If I Stumble.

Not as catchy as the other DC Talk song I added but have had this open in my browser for ages now.  I did listen to it a while back more than once.  It is a slower song.  Not as polished as some attempts.  I'm adding it cause I did listen to it more than once.  Also I'm going to try and use this site as more of a record of what i've been doing in the Internet so adding additional content even if I only enjoyed or passed just passed through in some cases.  I was inspired by a blog I saw that had about 1000 posts a year for a long time.  He was keeping records of his Internet activity.

I guess this means adding more content than just songs and posts but linking and reviewing websites i've read actually I don't know.

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