Saturday, March 16, 2013

Madeon - Pop Culture (Live Mashup)

Madeon - Pop Culture (Live Mashup)

I'm guessing this would be like playing the piano.  I do think there is some skill in what is achieved here.  He would have to make edit all the samples himself and assign them buttons.  Then you would have to remember  where everything was I guess.  Much more skill than I have ever shown in this life.

I'm almost depressed by how untalented I am.  I do like his solo at the end.  I would be depressed if the music didn't cheer me up a little from being so good.

So it's kinda like depression at his skills vs mine but happiness at his skills and achievement and the end result.

I have the skill of suffering.  The one ring the suffer - RING to bind them all.  My precious.

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