Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Virtual Reality and How It Exists Right Now.

So I came across a few blogspot websites. They were pretty good. Averaging like 100 posts a year some of them for the last 5 years. I guess that's something i'm working on and that's posting more. I do find I have very little to write about. One of the websites was http://waveatthebus.blogspot.com/ which is now on over 6 million page views and the website is under 1 year old.

The main stream media are picking up on it to. It's all about a Dad and how he dresses up in a different costume each morning and waves at the bus his son is travelling on to school. It has 170 days of different constumes.

So the thing is with my website... I'm not nearly even close to being smart. My writing style is not very flash or there's not much humor. I'm damaged. I'm broken. I'm Tormented.

I've been unwell since I was like 20. It's only now that I feel sometimes ok. But i'm still a little crazy. I make bad decisions.

This website hasn't progressed much since I started it. I'm still writing about the same stuff. Stuff like please provide me money through paypal with your credit card. Mostly stuff like that. I'm still poor. I'm going to be on a government benefit for the rest of my life. So i'm going to remain poor. I'm a little richer than I was 9 months ago after giving up smoking. That provides me with a little extra money each week.

Asking for money hasn't worked. A few websites have had success asking for money. A few more have had success with running ads on there page and have made some money that way. I haven't had any success whatsoever.

With the wave at your bus website it's also a blogger website. So it can be done on blogger. You can become famous and can make a little money. It just depends what your blog is about.

So my topics aren't that interesting. My Virtual Reality posts are telling of a secret technology that most normal people haven't experienced and don't know exist. I guess by the nature of me i'm not going to get very far telling of the technology. All i'm saying is that it exists right now the ability to send pictures, movies, computer graphics directly into your mind. A computer brain interface.

I don't know how it's done. I don't know anything about the technology behind it. All I know is that it can be done and is being done right now.

So this is a boring topic. Because at the moment no body knows and it's probably experimental and bringing it to the masses is a whole different ball game. Pictures in your head is a fringe topic. September 11th and my phone call that I talk about all the time are another thing this blog is about. Another quite fringe topic especially the way i'm presenting it.

So this blog is about fringe topics. Topics not yet in the mainstream. Unknown stuff and things. Maybe oneday this blog will take off but I don't see it happening at the moment.

I guess the things I can say about Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Technology are so very limited as is my experience about it. One of the most important things I guess is that it exists.

Virtual Reality and the ability to send pictures directly into your mind... in your head, in your eyesight. It exists right now. What else can I say. You should be demanding to be plugged in maybe??? It is the future. So why not the future right now. Virtual Reality. Only a small percentage of people in the world know about Virtual Reality. I guess this is so far ahead of everyone that no one will believe me. Virtual Reality the games are going to be fun if it ever sees the light of day in the next 30 years. How far ahead am I?

What are your opinions. Please leave a comment.

Darcy Lee

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