Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quitting Smoking.

So I heard about a drug that you could get prescribed through a doctor that helps you give up smoking. It's called Zyban. It cost me $3 dollars for the prescription plus the doctors fee of about $40.

So far, I got it in January, I gave up for 11 days, the first time in 16 years, then started again, then I quit again for 32 days, then started again, and now i've quit again and i'm upto day 8.

It's still a struggle not smoking. I think about it often at the moment. I didn't use the drug much this time just took a few doses b4 i quit and then quit and stopped taking it. I am using nicotine lozenges. I have to this time beat my record of first 11 days and then 32 days.

At the moment a 30 gram of tobacco in New Zealand costs NZ $25.50.

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