Friday, May 21, 2010

9/11, September 11 2001.

I got nothing to write about. I'm pretty burned out. No one really reads this website. I haven't received one donation in nearly 4 years that i've been running it. I'm writing here today because I haven't really posted many articles this year and I need more content.

What should I talk about. What's going on in my life. Well there is the government watching me in my house buzzing my ear with a ringing sound and sending full motion video and text messages directly into my mind. It's a new virtual reality technology. It's classified. It's the future.

They really annoy me and upset me. Would u like cameras in your house with people watching every thing you do and making comments. I have no proof of this technology and that people are watching me. Believe.

Or not. Which you don't. They are related to my September 11th phone call I think. Here is another delusion. Believe remember. So I yelled war and made a stand 2 days b4 9/11 on a New Zealand nationwide radio talkback show.

After the planes hit the buildings I rang back the station and guess what I asked for. I asked that famous musicians make songs out of (this is so delusional) things I said in further phone calls i made to the station. I asked for Eminem by name.

Any way the chorus of the song Without me I said that exactly word for word the same thing over air. Heres what I said over air and what now appears in the song. I dont get any credit whatsoever.

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody, just follow me
Cause we need a little, controversy
Cause it feels so empty, without me

I sang exactly that over nz radio and asked for eminem by name and asked that he make a song out of things I said over nz radio. Believe. Just like the virtual reality technology.

Anyway enough of my insanity. I dont get no credit but I did say those words over air and did ask for eminem by name over air to make a song for me out of something I said. There are other songs to but thats another story. Yes they say i'm schizophrenic. Believe. I know what I said over air and what I asked for and it happened. Some dude spent some money for me for it to happen I guess. I was famous for 5 mins when my phone call first happend. No fame now though. They won't let me have a copy to post on this website because they know it would give me creditability.

Did I bore you?

Darcy Lee

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