Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Website I Want To Make.

Just eating some coco pops at the moment. Breakfast. It's 5.15pm so it could be tea maybe. Been up for a couple of hours.

Haven't got much to say but the usual, noone reads this anyhow. But yeah i'm looking for contributions of money for a house. Or contributions of any kind would be valuable. Maybe you could donate a car or a computer or some thing I can Sell Trade or Use. Cash is always good and easier just use the paypal button in combination with your credit card. I'll take anything though if it's worth something.

I live in New Zealand so sending me stuff will be costly so I guess I can't really do that and like I haven't received one cash donation so far.

I need $100000 dollars to buy a house. No-one takes any notice of me though.

I tried claiming the US $25 million reward once for Osama Bin Laden but nothing came of it just to change topic. I wrote a poorly written story and sent it to the FBI people in charge of the reward. You can read it by clicking the world trade center and me link on the left. I had this conversation on talkback radio where I ending up yelling the word WAR meaning i dunno WAR if you get what I mean then 2 days later World Trade Center happened.

I've tried getting a copy of the conversation but no luck. I believe it deserves a website at the very least. It seems the powers that be wont let me. I did make a million dollars from the phone call. I asked for a million and some guy rang up and said he had a million for me though he said it had been real hard to get. Anyway I turned it down and in a not nice way to. Don't know why and i'm poor.

I would like a copy of the phone call. Because it deserves a website. But no. Could the powers that be please see that I get a copy of my phone call so that I may make a website. But no. Ive written letters to the radio station and they say they don't have a copy and to the government but gotten no reply. Believe me I know a copy exists.

I feel ripped OFF. This is also one more way someone could help me maybe, by helping me obtain a copy of the phone call through legal means or whatever because I want to make a website and it deserves a website.

Theres nowhere I can go to get a copy nothing I can do. If it made a million once it could make a little more money even though it's been a long time. Even if it didnt make money the website would be fun. Anyway thankyou. I always talk about things that are stupid.

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