Friday, September 7, 2007


I've run out of things to write about. My own house would make me much more comfortable. Thats all i'm really thinking about when I try and write something for this webpage. It seems now i'm just whining when I keep asking for donations for a house.

I don't like the word donations to much. For me it's like well i've suffered enough so a house should be almost automatic. The world doesn't see it that way. Here I am though writing with nothing to write about. I have a belief that the government owes me a house for me ringing a talkback radio station and declaring theres going to be a war 2 days before September 11. I believe. The government and actually everyone else doesn't see it this way though. No-ones being very nice. It's wrong to accuse anyone of deliberately trying to hurt me by denying me a house but i am being hurt.

I would just like to say about me that i'm really sick and would like a house because of this, it's what I need. A house for me is not just something. It's because i'm really sick that i'm asking for a house. It will be a place to rest and rehabilitate as much as possible and will remove certain worries that live in me. Security. Comfort. Warmth. Stability. Everything someone who is sick needs. Many more things than this a house will provide for me.

I encountered many bullies and much bullying during school. The adult world is no different. Some people take pleasure in others pain. I'm saying that there are people who attack and cause harm using others weaker than them in Hitler styles ways to every degree. There are bad people. Thats possibly what I will have to endure from this webpage from some people. There are bad people. It's a bad world. Nothing I can do except suffer.

I can't handle the truth but there are millions of starving people in the world needing food. This means if millions can't even get food then what chance or hope do I have of getting a house. This is kind of realistic. How can the world be this way. But it is. This is my webpage.

Government of New Zealand or anyone else - Can I please have a house because I have suffered extremely. Please Help.

Darcy Lee.

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