Sunday, July 22, 2007

Google Rankings Lost Somehow and Link Authority Dead.

For over 3 weeks I was getting about 4 hits a day from search engines with a couple of days reaching records of 10 and 13. I must have done something bad or wrong because as soon I put a sitemeter up that people could use to see the traffic for this page the hits stopped coming.

Somehow i've lost my rankings in google. If you searched for Darcy Lee before I was the number 1 place. Now i'm not even ranking for that term. I wonder what I did or what happened. A mission I have now is to regain the top ranking for the search Darcy Lee. I really do wonder what happened. Obviously I have displeased the Google God and i'm now being punished.

My strategy to regain my rankings is just to keep adding content and not do much else. New content should earn me new search terms at least. I do wonder how I will regain Darcy Lee in Google. I don't know. Time perhaps.

If you would like to trade links with this blog then leave a comment with your sites address and i'll set it up. Thats one way I can get better rankings. This blog is not just a bit fruitcake but fruit and nut so that proberly won't work.

I see that search engines will be moving away from rating how many links a site has pointing to it as a rankings rating tool as what is happening is major sites like ebay etc are creating infinite sub domains and picking up all the search terms like that. It will still be a factor but just not as important. Link authority is dead. (Dying). I don't know what is going to replace it but life on the web is going to change.

From Darcy

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